Looking to do this soon and need some additional info. I got most my info from an old thread, so want to create a new one to bring new life into it.

So here’s the story for those that don’t know. The standard turbo (non Dynamix) motor and I also believe the regular xp1000 have a stator that does somewhere around 600 watts. The Dynamix version because of the more complicated and battery taxing electronics that it has that make the Dynamix suspension work, it uses a 900 watt system. Many pro desert racers and just people with a lot of electronics have upgraded to this 900 watt system to keep the batteries charging better and everything operating above 12 volts always, with 14 volts being very common.

With that to do this I understand I need the new 900 watt stator, the matching 900 watt flywheel, a new side case gasket, and an additional regulator.

My questions are more so around that additional regulator, why is a 2nd needed and how does it wire in? Does the stator have 2 harness coming off for each regulator or do the regulators run in series? In either scenario, what additional wiring harness is needed and how does it tie in back to battery?

Another option I know stock regulator is 50 amps and there are aftermarket ones rated for more, I believe I’ve seen 65 amps. Can I just run one of those instead of 2 stock 35amp ones?


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