Just returned from 2 weeks at the dunes. Over 35 good friends, 12 RZR, a bunch of quads, a new Yamaha and a Can Am. Rode hard every day with 75 miles being a normal day/miles. 3 XP Turbos, 1 had an aftermarket ECU, never got over 180 degrees, other 2 had factory ECU, all never over 208 degrees. My XP 1000 was in the 208 range after riding dunes and at a stop, but quickly dropped when started and driving. We did have one 900 blow an engine, but had been having intermittent issues the previous week, almost daily….It had a built engine, turbo ect, he said it had 180 hp, it was definitely the most powerful car of our group, could wheelie off top of dune for 75-150’….We will know when we tear down, where the weak point was. I ran the new pro armor paddles as well as one turbo, very pleased as was my buddy with them. It was not our first time in the sand with them, but first time at Winchester. All in all the Polaris machines were stout, none of us had any major problems. The Yamaha and Can Am were owned by newer inexperienced drivers, but I was in no way impressed by them, not bashing but I felt that they were in no way even close to my car. Sandfest was awesome, all the players were there, with many, many awesome machines. There is a 14 mile stretch right next to the ocean, so we all got some high speed runs in, I hit 64 on wet sand, but never over 55 in dry dune sand, I know it was faster as my tires are 30″ and my speedo was not re calibrated from stock settings. Just wanted to let others know that these machines are awesome, I feel for those that have problems, but none of us in our group have had any ……
We are headed down again for a week late August, then Moab in early Oct. 😎
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