Hello I hope this in the right place I jus got a 2017 turbo and found the tail lights that mount to the roof for the 1k’s installed the roof and the lights went to wire them up and GUESS what 2016 is different then 2017 or the turbo is different then the non-turbo i have a 3 wire plug on the wiring harness and my machine has a 4 wire plug that runs to the tail lights so my question is anyone know what kind of plug that is IE weather pack of what?? does polaris make a different harness for the turbo? my guess is NOT because they stoped making these lights last year. does anyone know the part number for the male and female 4 wire plugs that are on my machine and i think i could cut off the old 3 wire and install the 4 wire plug if i had them 🙂 or anyone have any other ideas ???? open to all except buying a honda 🙂

thank you

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