I’ll preface this review by saying I’ve written reviews professionally for my other passion, flight sims. Sometimes I purchase the product myself, sometimes the manufacturer will send me the product for review. Either way, I’m absolutely honest about the product, even if it’s free. For instance, Logitech will no longer send me joysticks to review…………lol.

Anyhow, I decided to purchase the cooler cab kit because I’m running a glass windshield in my ’16 XP1K. I also run a custom made mesh rear window panel, which helps in venting the dust (and heat) from the cab. I’m in Arizona and typically I ride up north in the hotter parts of the year, and in the desert from winter to spring. I try not to exceed a 90 degree temperature day for a ride. Yes, I’ve exceeded that but that’s the norm. For those that don’t know, a glass windshield while having excellent benefits there are a couple negatives that for some people will keep them from running one. IMHO the worst is the heat in the cab. I’ve ridden some days in low 60 degree weather in shorts and a t-shirt and have been sweating in the cab. Picture several hair dryers pointed at you on high. There is actually hot “wind” coming thru the front firewall. So naturally I wanted to find a solution to the problem and Wolfsnout has given us their answer.

The cab cooler kit comes with several die cut pieces of closed cell foam insulation. There is a video on the web that gives you detailed instructions on how to install the kit. I ordered the kit with some replacement lenses for the Wolfsnout goggles I have, and they arrived in 3 days. I’m in Arizona BTW. I loaded up my cell phone with the installation video and proceeded to install the kit. There were no surprises with the install. Everything went in the way it should and it took me about an hour to complete the task.

The kit is well thought out. I’m impressed by the quality of the “foam”. But this is Wolfsnout’s forte so to speak so IMHO it meets what I’d expect from Wolfsnout. I waited a week and put together a ride with some of my buddies to test how well the Cooler Cab Kit worked. The morning of the ride was mid 50’s with the high for the day at 80 degrees. Which from past rides was just about as warm as I wanted to ride considering the hot wind coming thru the firewall. We warm our RZR’s up before we ride and typically at 50 degrees I was good to ride in shorts and a t-shirt. Now I’m a southern Arizona native so 60 degrees is cold to me. We strapped in and started riding. I immediately noticed a temperature difference. No blow dryers coming thru the firewall. I expected this so I figured we’d put some miles on and get my rig nice and warm. We rode some maintained dirt roads to desert trails, which had all kinds of typical desert riding. Fast sand wash driving up to 60mph in places, other areas where we slowed down to crawl over large rocky areas and everything in between. After about 45 minutes of riding we took a beverage break and I put on my hoodie. I was a little chilly! My legs were fine in shorts, but that’s typical for me. I’m good to about 40 degrees in shorts. The Cooler Cab Kit worked extremely well. I couldn’t feel any hot air penetrating the openings in the firewall. There was still heat radiating thru the firewall, but this is normal and is minimal in comparison to what I was used to. Let’s touch on the console for a second. I ride in shorts most of the year and I’ve had the console get so hot that it started to burn my leg. With this kit that all changes. My friends are impressed at how cool the console remains. And your drink holders, no more boiling beverage that’s sat in your cup holder for a half hour. My bottled water was still cold after 45 minutes in the cup holder.

I gotta tell ya, I’m impressed with this kit. It works better than I expected. Wolfsnout also sells a rear firewall insulated “blanket” that will be my next purchase. I love my glass windshield but I hate it’s negatives and with Wolfsnout it’s beginning to look like my biggest hate about the glass will be going by the wayside. I’m very impressed with this kit, looks like Wolfsnout has hit another one out of the park.

Here’s the link to the kit: https://wolfsnout.net/shop/utv-acces…ooler-cab-kit/

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