OK, so I have never had a problem with my front end, No broken axles, zero. I load my Polaris on the trailer in 4 wheel drive because its wet. No issues. i take it to Polaris for the RECALLS and when I come to get it no 4 wheel drive. Here is the strange part. The guy says he will bring it around for me. He does. Then he says I’ll load it for you. I say no I got it. My ramps were not even out from under the trailer yet. I’m on the phone with business, and he says I’ll load it for you , I say Excuse me I’m on the phone and I got it. He says don’t worry. he takes it over to back of my trailer pushes the front tires to the back of the the trailer and hits the gas spinning the rears. I’m like :surprise. I look at him wave him off and he backs up and does this two more times, I cover the phone and yell at him at least put it in four wheel drive if your going to try and jump it on my trailer. GRRRR he says I am in 4 wheel drive . I get off the phone go over look at it ,tell him to get out, i drive it around and sure enough no 4 wheel. I take the the ramps out and begin to load it. He says hey its under warranty leave it here we will take care of it. I said it’s been here a MONTH for what you said would be a two day turn around No thanks I’m out. Okay I’m pretty sure he knew it the 4 wheel was out. I have NEVER had anyone try to load any of my equipment on my trailer especially without ramps. I checked the fuse and it has power. Anyone know the ohm’s to test the front and what else could be wrong. No way the sprag is broke, it worked fine before taking it there. Any other issues when they do the recalls that they could screw up ? 2016 1000S

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