After the recall last year, like many of you I was angry. Ready to pull the trigger on an X3 as soon as they came out with a 4 seater.

Well now that BRP has a 4 seater, I’m not so sure. The X3M has a 135″ wheelbase

To put that in perspective, a Double Cab Silverado has a 143″ wheelbase…

My XP4T has a 117″ wheelbase, far shorter than the X3M.

The X3M is long, very long. While I can’t see how this is a disadvantage in the open dessert (I actually think longer is better here), I have a hard time seeing how well the X3M would be rock crawling, or navigating forrest trails. The X3M has gone full 100% sand-rail IMHO. To that end, I think it’s a bit limiting with the wheelbase.

I’m a convert from being a Jeep Rubicon guy. With a longer wheelbase you need to have more suspension clearance to perform as well as a shorter vehicle with less clearance. What I’m referring to is Break Over Angle. It doesn’t seem that BRP gave a dam about that with the X3M. They just stretched the X3…

So the X3M is just a stretched limo X3 with less total capability than the X3.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but at this point, I think the XP4T is far more capable in a variety of conditions.

Guess I’ll be keeping my 2016 XP4T… what a let down from BRP. O’well.

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