I have been researching this for days but come up empty. My 2012 xp900 has a 2014 xp1000 motor in it. I changed the motor to trans mounting bracket to the newer style but my trans has those stupid adjuster nuts. After 1500 miles the trans bolts came out of the passenger side and everything was loose, I am now pulling my trans and would like to put the newer style transmission behind my 1000 motor.

Since I am using the newer motor/trans bracket I should be able to run the 13/14 Xp900 trans or 14/15 Xp1000 trans, basically any 2013 or newer XP has the same transmission and mount. Correct? Any differences in the electronics that get plugged in? I know the secondary clutch is different size on the 1000 trans. Any better years? 4 seaters are the same as 2 seaters?

The new 900’s transmissions look identical also but they are not XP900’s so no idea if they are compatible. I really want to get rid of the 11/12 transmission mounting system so everything stays snug this time. Holz mounts are on the way.

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