this is actually my first post on this forum. im planning on hitting glamis for halloween and gonna check out camp rzr for my firs time as well (not my first time to glamis, just camp rzr).

i recently sold my wildcat and just bought a 2016 turbo 2 seater a little over 2 weeks ago. im really impressed with the power but handling is a little “meh” right now.

im looking for kind of a base setting for the bone stock fox ibp shock clickers. as of right now i have 202 miles on the car and have them 5 clicks stiffer all around from whatever they came from the dealer at. i actually never checked to see if they were all the same, which is probably stupid… but oh well. the only real reason i went 5 clicks stiffer was not cause the ride but it had a TON of body roll on my first ride out and felt really sketchy. probably for the most part that the wildcat seat positioning was way lower though. also, about how long does it take for the shocks to feel broken in, im sure you will get some weird shock characteristics with them being brand new out of the box vs. worn in a little. im really just looking for a decent setup for glamis with stock tires and wheels probably at about 8psi (keeping it on the safe side). any suggestions would be awesome, and i generally like my cars on the stiffer side vs, the plush that others like. thanks!

after the trip ill be switching over to 31’s on some RG beadlocks and installing my fabwerx cage, doors, roof that i have on order.

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