Hi, all we will be having our 10 th Annual RZR forum ride at the North Glamis hot springs resort.March 14 th – 16th.2019

– Glamis North Hot Springs Resort
[email protected]
10595 Hot Mineral Spa Rd. Niland, CA 92257 USA



North Glamis RZR Forum Ride Schedule of Events

Thursday /Friday /Saturday

9 am every morning drivers line up in front of the restaurant, morning safety meeting. Drivers get drawing tickets, Line up in the ride you want to take, and leave for the days’ rides. We will have ride leaders and sweepers for each ride, if available.

There will be a full day and half day rides each day with some afternoon rides to the closer sites.

Please carry enough water to keep you hydrated for the entire ride. Box lunches will be available at the restaurant for all-day rides, Friday and Saturday.

Saturday morning 9 am Group photo at the restaurant, please don’t be late.

Rides will leave right after the group photo.

dinner Saturday Night at the restaurant 4-6 pm.

Riders drawing 6pm at the hall. You must be a registered RZR forum member prior to March 12th to be eligible for this drawing.

If you venture out on your own Please let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to return. This will help if you have a breakdown and we need to come to find you.

As always Forum rules apply No Drinking and driving on any RZR Forum rides. Helmets and seatbelts must be worn at all times on the rides. All drivers please run with your lights on at all times, really helps others see you through the dust. Stop at all turns on the trails and make sure the driver behind you knows where the group is turning. This will help make sure no one gets lost in the desert.

Let’s all have a safe ride and a great time.

RideList –

The daily rides will be run based on the number of people wanting to go on each ride and the size of the groups.

List of some of the rides available to us.

The Bradshaw Trail, a short ride to a trail that will take you all the way to the Colorado River through some awesome canyons and mountains.

Beal Well, only 26 miles.

Salvation Mountain, a quick 17-mile ride. (Thursday -Sundays -short rides)

The Bat Caves, a must to see only an 18 mile round trip for the family. (Thursday -Saturday ) – short rides)

The Pinnacles, you will be impressed, and it is only 26 miles if you do not explore the side trails. (Thursday -Sundays -short rides)

The Old Miner Cabin, a 4 to 5-hour ride into breathtaking Desert Mountains. (Saturday morning – all day ride)

The Praying Lady, 66 miles round trip with so much to explore along the way, (All Day ride)

Chiriaco Summit, 70 miles of desert wonder to explore. (All day ride)

The Oasis, see a very rare species fish and trees that grow sideways. A 14-mile ride from your campsite. (Thursday thru Sunday short rides)

Salt Creek Wash is a great day ride.

Steves Atv rentals at the resort stocks some spare parts if you need them
At Glamis North, we stock Batteries & Belts, MX | ATV | UTV Tubes & Tires, Tire Service is available. They also have daily delivers from our other store in case you need something we don’t have.

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