It was the baptism of the recently acquired 2016 RZR 900 Trail. And it was a pretty good baptism. Actually bent the right side rock slider and removed a lot of paint from both of them, not to mention coating numerous rocks with HDPE. The Albro Lake trail (Tobacco Root Mountains) is a 50″ machine trail, but I doubt the FS has to worry much about vehicles larger than that as it was pretty close (read 2″) clearance in a number of places. It was my first experience piloting a side by side and it really wasn’t any different than piloting my stiff sprung flat fender Willys 3B, including the wheels in the air part. Maybe except that the 80″ wheelbase Willys has 14″ of clearance under the skid plates. The no space part is the same on both machines. We used our regular backpack equipment. A pleasant expense of 3 days with our friends and their RZR 800.

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