Hey guys just wanted to take a sec and shout out at Adam that created gpsvisualizer. I have been working with him over the last month as he wrote new code for me and I have been testing it and it is finally done and he has over the years kept it free. As far as my mapping you always had to use gpx files on his site under 10mb to convert it into kmz files. I contacted him and asked if there was anyway to convert the native .gdb for garmin to kmz files where everything will come out just like you have it in basecamp or mapsource. Colors waypoints and all. Well he did it and has cut alot of hours out of my editing. If you do happen to use gpsvisualizer make sure to hit his donate button and throw him a few bucks to say thanks for him keeping it free. If you have not used it before try it. Works great.

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