When I got my new Samsung Tab E 9.6 I needed some sort of protective case that would fit in a Ram Mount. So looking at their website Ram had what they call the Intelliskin GDS. The skin part of it is a rubber case which will provide enough protection and GDS part is a new connector system the plugs into the tablet and then uses its own port to connect to the case.

Took it out this past weekend and it worked great for about 10 minutes, then I lost my tunes. I am using the USB cable to my radio and it just stopped connecting. I thought it might be the bouncing around so I tried to reseat the case but that didn’t work. Ended up using Bluetooth to get the tunes over but that is a pain to have to do every ride. When I got home it still wouldn’t connect. I then used the small stand alone connector and it worked fine.

Has anyone else used one of these mounts in a SXS and how did it do?

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