I get a lot of questions about whether someone needs a clutch kit or not. Someone on a forum will tell a person he does need one just because he changed tires or made some other change.

When you call me at Hunterworks and ask if you need one of the Dalton clutch kits we sell because you bought larger tires or whatever I ask a simple question. What do you do with this machine?

A simple answer is, if you put your foot to the floor then you will benefit from a properly calibrated clutch and none any better than the Dalton kit.

If you say you rock crawl, or do slow technical riding then there is a debate. These guys are more concerned about belt grip not about max performance when you floor it.

Due to the style of clutch the Polaris has where it squeezes the belt to get you moving then the slow riders have a harder time keeping the vehicle from slipping a belt.

Since most not all but most stock clutch calibrations are usually low rpm due to heavier flyweights I normally tell this guy if you are going to slow technical riding, you might should keep OEM

Now anyone who puts the pedal to the metal will certainly see benefit from a clutch kit. Fast trail riders and especially duners will benefit.

I guess the main purpose here is to let you know, the need for a clutch kit is not black and white, there is a lot of grey.

Feel free to call me to discuss any needs you have on clutching.



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