Making the jump from my ’14 2 seat XP 1000 to a new 4 seat Turbo S and wondering about speakers. In my old 2 seat, I had a WS Stealth 10 mounted to the upper A pillar and it worked fine for me. The music really played “in your face” to say the least since it was real close. With the new 4 seater, I am thinking of going the speaker pod route to make use of the Ride Command.
I am wondering if a 2 pod system such as a SSV Works or Rockford Fosgate mounted at the rear, facing forward would be enough, or I should go with the 4 speaker system? I’m not the kind of guy to have my stereo blasting at insane decibel levels, but still want to be able to hear music while romping the trails but not make the rear passengers deaf. The available kits all look like they come with a sub, whether its a 2 or 4 speaker kit. I’m ok with that, although, I don’t think I necessarily need sub.

Soooo…for those of you with a 4 seater and 2 speaker pods, do you think it is enough, or should I just go with a kit that has front and rear speakers?

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