We offer great RZR Specific lighting kits! These range from Plug and Play, Headlight kits to LED Light Bar mounts for the roof.

Take a look at all of the great options from Baja Designs (BD):

Plug and Play, Headlight Kits
Gone are the days of heading back to camp at sunset. Separate yourself from the pack with Baja Designs’ Polaris RZR Headlight Kits!
These kits include two vehicle specific mounting brackets, 4 Squadron Series Lights, plug and play wiring harness allowing you to use your factory switch, and mounting hardware. It also maintains Low/High Beam functionality with a twist. On High Beam all 4 Lights work! It will not shut off Low Beam when switching to High Beam.

2014-ON XP1000
Sportsmen PackagePro PackageUnlimited Package

2015-ON 900
Sportsmen PackagePro PackageUnlimited Package

2011-14 XP900
Sportsmen PackagePro PackageUnlimited Package

2008-14 800
Sportsmen Package

Universal Tube Mount Packages
Set your UTV side by side a part from the rest with our Baja Designs UTV tube mounting kits. These kits comes equipped with a pair of Squadron Series LED Lights, wiring harness, and tube mounts. Whether you’re looking for more near field, side/backup or scene lighting, our Squadron Series LED lights have you covered.

Squadron Sport, A-Pillar Kit, 1.75″ Tubing

Squadron Sport, Horizontal Kit, 1.75″ Tubing

Squadron Sport, Vertical Kit, 1.75″ Tubing


Squadron Pro, A-Pillar Kit, 1.75″ Tubing

Squadron Pro, Horizontal Kit, 1.75″ Tubing

Squadron Pro, Vertical Kit, 1.75″ Tubing

Light Bar Mounts & Packages
We offer Light Bar Mounts & Packages for our S8 and OnX6 Light Bar. This ranges from mounting solutions to complete light bar packages with, lights, mounts, and wiring. Take a look at the great options below!
RZR, 30″ Roof Mount Kit, S8/OnX6 (Mount)

RZR, 10″ OnX6 Grille Kit (Light, Mount, Wiring)

RZR, 30″ OnX6 Roof Kit (Light, Mount, Wiring)

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-Bailey, Baja Designs

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