So i was out the other day and suddenly my fan quit and my coolant temps began to rise. So i stopped and checked tge fuse box. Relay and fuse looked good so i used a jumper wire from the battery and the fan came on. Proceeded to check the contact points on the relay/fuse and suddenly it all began to work like it should.

So i continued riding and after a few minutes i was losing my power steering intermittently. Then a couple minutes later the bike was dead in the water with an engine light on and 3 codes.


The bike will only run/move if started in gear with your foot to the floor and can barely make it up the 5 or 10 degree slope into the trailer.

I have opened up the gas pedal to inspect it and saw wear but cleaning it made no change.

Im suspecting either a broken wire or wrecked ecu (the brand new cargomate trailer it is stored in had a water leak from factory and allowed alot of moisture in this spring)

Just looking for any advice as pulling on injector and throttle body wires got me nowhere and the dealer here will only try to get me to throw parts at it. The $1000 throttle body probably being the first one since the codes are TPS related.

I will try to upload a video at some point

Thanks in advance

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