New ’18 XPT, has 4 miles.

I installed a Superwinch terra 45 and ran it directly to the battery except for the hot wires for the in/out winch dash switch and the tethered remote outlet for the winch that are wired to the OEM busbar

I also have a 30″ light bar, 12″ light bar, and (2) 3″ light pods that are wired to the factory busbar.

When key on and engine NOT running, everything works including ALL lights (including headlights on bright) and the winch.

I then turn all accessories off and start the machine and then begin to turn accessories on in this sequence and activating the winch each time i turn on a light.

-headlights + winch = ok
-headlights, + 30″ light bar + winch = ok
-headlight, + 30″ light bar + 12″ light bar + winch = ok
-headlights, + 30″ light bar + 12″ light bar + winch + (2) 3″ rear pods = BLOWN 10 A FUSE marked ‘term’ in fuse box

I put a 20 A fuse in the ‘term’ spot in the fuse box(im guessing that stands for terminal maybe busbar?)
and with the machine running, all lights and winch works.

Am i overloading the busbar with my lights? It’s only a 30″, 12″ and (2) 3″ pods?

Is it ok to use the 20A fuse instead of the 10 A fuse if that is preventing it from blowing?

Why is it blowing the 10A fuse only when the engine is running and all accessories are turned on?

Here are some pics of the busbar and fuse box with the yellow 20 A in place of the OEM 10 A.
Notice the 3 relays on the firewall next to the busbar….those are for the 3 lights (30″, 12″ (2) 3″ pods) and that’s it.

Again, with engine off or running, everything works and doesn’t blow with the bigger 20 A fuse.

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