Hi ,
I have a Polaris RZR 800 LE Trail Edition,,,

So I went to the gas station yesterday to fill up in my Rzr, Shut it off,,,,filled it up…got in…Just clicking,,,

So I got it towed home, So firstly I took the back off and noticed that the starter wire was not properly connected…So I cleaned both the Negative and positive wires. Put some grease on both and put them back in place properly…Now Not to mention it had a new engine installed by dealer because previous engine failed and was covered under warranty..
So I proceeded to try and start ….just rolls nothing…I went through the wiring cleaning greasing checking …the brake switch etc… Noticed that 2 3 wire brown wires were not hooked up…one of those wires touched the Selinoid and had a spark… I knew these were grounds because I looked it up..
So I proceeded to start.. and engine light is on…no sound from fuel pump…and also. on my instrument cluster not showing park . Reverse. High. low…??????? Nothing…I checked all fuses…
IM at a loss here because my warranty ended last friday? BUt I will call the dealer about the starter not being hooked up correctly and the gound wires…
Someone please help me…

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