Hi All,

A buddy and I have been trying to diagnose car to car communication issues with our Rugged Radio systems – this is not BASHING at all, just looking for help. We both have RM60 radios with same antennas, he has a newer 660+ intercom, and I have a 660 intercom with external bluetooth adapter. We both have the radio-intercom audio filter installed (since new in both cases). We both have the coax antenna cable on opposite side of the car from the headset cables, and wired to the battery. Mine is also connected to my ride command system. His rzr is a XP1k, and mine is an XPT.

When we are both in our rzr’s he can hear me clearly, but I get a lot of noise from his communications (more so when his rzr is running). He’s re-run his wires, both have tried our 2-headsets each, and we’ve both added additional grounds from our radios and intercoms to the frame, and eliminated any loops in the wiring. He has also spoken with tech support, and we’ll continue to seek their help as necessary.

I’m wondering if we need to adjust the gain on his radio?

Alternately, possibly is it my system with the issue? Anyone in the West Jordan, UT or SLC, UT valley area with a Rugged Radio system that would be willing to help us with some testing via a 3rd car to help isolate which system is the issue?

Other suggestions? I’m all out of hair to pull out trying to isolate this…:grin


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