Ok guys I have seen some issues related to this post I but no solutions so thought I would get a thread going again. Hopefully I am not the only one who has or is experiencing this.

I took my new 2017 XP4T out today. It had 1.5 miles on it. The thing ran great but after about 30 minutes of riding I noticed my instrument cluster digital read out was flickering and cutting out completely at times before coming back on. Sometimes only the backlight would flicker. I then noticed a warning for low voltage. I toggled over to check my voltage and saw it was below 10. I had checked it earlier and it was 13.4. It seemed that the digital display issue got worse the longer I rode and the warmer the car got and bumpier the surface. The car did seem to run and start fine despite what I have described.

So I checked all the usual culprits. Wiring harness for cluster was connected securely. Next I checked the battery and it was showing 12.8 volts. All connections to the battery and vehicle ground were secure. Stator tested (but not sure I did it correctly but did follow service manual guidance) ok. Though wiring harness had broke lose from plastic grommet mount.

I checked for any diagnostic codes and saw the 520230 / 31 code that others have been talking about. The code remains there despite resetting and checking while running. Though, again, the EPS seems to be working find.

If anyone has any insight as to what is going on I would appreciate hearing about it. Keep in mind I rode 60 miles and the car felt great and started each time without much effort. I am a little perplexed to say the least. The only other thing it could be would be the gauge cluster display unit itself. I hate intermittent electrical issues they are challenging to diagnose.

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