I have a 2015 RZR XP4 1k

Over the weekend I have installed a new wiring harness & Fuel pump. we got through every thing and had it running on the stands, It started, Idled, took throttle….etc. This morning With all my joy due to my rzr sitting for months with issues, I started it again, let it run I wanted to make sure everything was good before putting it all back together. While doing so it stalled. I went to start in and it would turn over and act like it was going to start but die within seconds.

I ended up with a list of codes originally 7 of them and got them down to 3…as follows


Would these codes cause a NO START issue?

at one point after the 1st stall I got it to start but it would only idol, it wouldn’t take throttle. I am at a complete loss in trying to figure this out without throwing parts at it.

I should also add that I installed a 2018 wiring harness, there were only a few differences. Again I had it running great before this morning. Please any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

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