I need me some tunes, but thats all I know about it. I dont know the first thing about stereos, hell I cant even use the cd player in my H3.
I dont wanna thump goin down the road because I dont listen to that boogity boogity music but Id like a good all around system.. Iv looked into those sound bars and that seems easy enough (plug and play) ,, but what else is out there?
I dont know how to use bluetooth yet but I can learn. Im wanting to keep it simple so Im not really wanting to build anything to mount stereos or speakers in. Im looking for plug and play (more or less, I can do wiring but wanting to avoid if possible) but not sure if the sound bars is the only option,, what about those tower speakers? oh, and the kicker, I aint really wanting to spend $500 on a stereo (that could buy me a spare axle for my foweeler).
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