I was hooking up the small red wire off the winch remote socket to a hot wire coming off the 12v socket on the dash when I hit the winch button I made a loud clicking sounded like a loud relay engaging I actually think it was the front diff engaging somehow so I stopped and unhooked it went to start it started fine noticed the check engine light on checked the code then noticed the headlights don’t work and the awd switch don’t work as well as the 12v socket I went to fuse box under dash I took all fuses out cleaned box with crc electrical cleaner and put all new fuses in and put a new chassis relay in still nothing checked 2 fuses under seat as well as all the grounds on the frame under the seat all was good i checked wires under dash as many as I can at least looks good then I ohmed the plug coming out of the front diff it checked out good was 22.4 I think that was a relief being I just replaced it with a brand new one I opened up the loom by the front end going to diff don’t see anything bad I’m begging for help I don’t know what else to do could a switch be bad and causing this ?.

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