Let me start off by saying I have contacted Pro Armor support and they are unable to help me. I will be calling another support number tomorrow with my fingers crossed.

Now …. I have a Pro Armor 8 speaker sound bar that has stopped playing sound. Everything works on the bluetooth side but no sound. I tried to have them fix it under warranty but they will not cover it. So I have taken it upon myself to diagnose the issue. The issue is the circuit board that the speakers are powered from. it looks like a spot/chip on this board has burnt up. it smells horrible. I am needing a new circuit board to replace the one with the issue. The board is labeled “Pro Armor-8 A-v1.0” with no other markings.

Can anyone give me any ideas of someone to talk to for this? It doesn’t look like they are a supporting vendor on this site.

Thanks for all your help.

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