I just wanted to be sure about a couple things before I went out buying stuff and I was hoping I could get some help here. My regulator is bad and I need a new one. I tested the stator as well to be sure and as far as I can tell there are no problems with it. I read thru the 33 page thread on regulators and it seems like there are pretty much two options for me. The Hawks unit and the Ricks one. From what I can tell, the Hawks is the one that most people would recommend? Is this still the case? Is the ricks unit no good? I’m asking because I would rather buy the part in person then have it shipped to me and it looks like Ricks is in NH and Hawks is in MO. I live in central NH and I would feel better buying local as long as there are no major problems with them. Any help you folks can give would really be great. I have the rest of winter before I need it but riding in the snow is a blast too. Thanks in advance.

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