I have ordered a 2017 Rzr 1000 highlighter 4. I’m putting 4″ portals and 36″ terminators with the highlighter tender springs so it will be a mud machine only. I really like the looks of the Polaris ride now screen but not the price and it seems that it is quite difficult to get it to work with anything other than the MLB quart door panels.

I plan on going with an aftermarket cage to get the height of the machine down so I don’t want to use any of the roof mounted stereos.

I really like the looks of the Rockford stage 4 or 5 but how will it hold up to mud riding? I’m a little worried about the front speaker pods being mounted so low.

The Rockford system is quite expensive compared to the ssv system with upgrades. Would it be possible to pair up an ssv 5 speaker system with the ride control touchscreen?

Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions.

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