I have a 2018 RZR XP4 turbo with the dynamix Suspension, I have installed the MTX Mudnation RZRpod 65 Dash speakers power by the MBQuart NA2-400.2. Will be getting more speakers later on. I was getting the same whining and popping noise that everyone else was getting and i read through all the other forums and thought the issues were the same. Well until the other night I discovered that when my suspension switch is in the firm setting the whining and popping noise goes away, I thought this was kinda odd, so I moved the switch to sport and bam the noise is back. It doesn’t matter if the switch is in sport or comfort the noise is there, so I am thinking that this issue is related to just the dynamix models. I have contactedm polaris abut the issue have yet to receive a response, i will keep everyone posted about this as i find out more information and do my own testing.

Thank You have a good day

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