Going do a subwoofer install on my 2015 900s this weekend and will update with pictures when I finish of course. What I’ve bought is a shallow mount free air 8 inch subwoofer, the Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 to be exact after reading reviews. Let’s see if I can explain without pictures until I finish where I plan to install it. Firstly though let me explain that I have looked everywhere on this RZR for a place to put a sub without spending a small fortune to buy a prefab glove box model or maybe a roof mount system. Almost bought a Bazooka marine 8 inch sub to mount between the seats and the back lower bar pointing down but even that was going to be a really tight fit and most likely pushing on the seat edges. The only place i have found other than that is behind the dash and firewall under the hood if you will. Two steel square bars about 8 ¾ inches between them. I plan on bending two steel or aluminum flat bars between those square bars, bolt them down, add a mounting plate of ¼ inch plywood or some such product and mounting my sub to that pointing downward. Now I understand that free air subs will not pound as hard as an enclosed but I’m hoping that area below the hood will act as an area to bounce those sound waves around and get that much needed lower end bass. More to come…..

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