My wife bought me the MB Quart sound bar 8 for my birthday a few weeks ago and I did my research and ordered the Polaris light bar and audio combo harness. The harness arrives and the plug for the sound bar is not the same as the harness plug. I read in another thread that people were cutting the connector off and wiring the sound bar directly, so thats what I did using the Polaris harness. I wired the red to the hot with a fuse, black to ground, and the orange wire and the blue wire to the accessory lug. The problem is, now, when I turn the sound bar on, all the dash lights come on like the key/accessory power had been turned on. I suspect the issue has to do with the blue wire and orange wire, but I can’t be sure. Any ideas? Maybe wiring only the orange to the acc and leaving the blue disconnected?
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