Ok guys, I am really at a deadend…..Long story:
Last fall battery quit charging. Replaced the VR. Still not charging or holding charge, so I bought an Odyssey battery $185. Voltage regulator got extremely hot and buned the floor. I though I had just gotten a bad VR, so I replaced it. Went on another trip and the exact same thing happened. Unplugged and made it back by the skin of my teeth to camp. Got to be a passenger for the rest of the trip, which really sucked. The Polaris dealer thought positively that it was the stator, so bought both a stator and a VR. I now replaced the stator and VR 3 days ago. After running around the block for 2 minutes, I came back to check, and the VR is extremely hot again and the wires coming out of the stator are too hot to touch.
Battery after sitting overnight reads 12.55v
10.8 at the startup hit
14.5 immediately after startup at the battery at an idle
14.4-14.5 at 3000-5000rpm with NO jump during rev or decline from 5000-1200
unhooked the red and black wires from VR to battery and they test at 14.3 up to 14.78 revving to 5000rpm.
hooked back up to battery and again 14.55ish at idle-5000rpm.
unplugged harness from stator to VR and tested all 3 wires at [email protected] // [email protected] // [email protected]
checked ohms on stator at 1.2
pulled the ground wire from frame, wire brushed both the frame to bare metal and connectors are polished shiny bare metal.
I even ran another ground from the battery to the frame in addition (temporarily) and continues.
Battery checked out perfect and borrowed a battery from a buddy, and the exact same scenarios continue to happen.
I am at a complete loss.
Why do I seem to be getting an overcharge and losing VRs? When I changed the stator, all looked normal in there, and I saw just a tiny bit of oil in the stator cover. reading in other places, this is not abnormal, but it seemed odd to me.
Please let me know your ideas, I am at a real loss at this point. This charging system is pretty dang basic and it really has me baffled.

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