Checkout the new Stinger SPX350.2 bluetooth powersports amp. This amp allows you to pair your phone directly to the amplifier making for easy installation. It is super compact measuring 4.72” L x 5.11” W x 1.6” H. It is rated at 100×2 @ 4 ohm, 175×2 @ 2 ohm, and 350×1 at 4 ohm bridged. The amp comes with a birth certificate with the exact, tested power output which exceeds the rating. This amp is perfect for powering some tower speakers or a subwoofer without having to worry about a head unit, bluetooth adapter, or RCA’s for that matter. Just power and speaker wires!

If you purchase one during the month of October, we are throwing in a free Stinger 8 AWG wiring kit.

Stinger Bluetooth 350 Watt 2 Channel Marine Grade Amplifier

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