Hey guys, hope someone knows here.

I recently just swapped the voltage reg out for a 65amp from Cycle Worx. When doing so the eyelet connector that was on this bundle of 5 wires that come out of the main harness broke off. It was connected to a solenoid behind the driver’s seat, same as the voltage reg.

So, best I could since there wasn’t room to strip and butt splice the 5, I used blade type splices and a pig tail of 5 wires I made and reconnected them to an eyelet connector.

All is hooked up, all good. It runs, except headlights, headlight switch, and the LED footwell light – nothing.

I’m not sure this group of 5 wires has anything to do with the headlights Trying to find a wiring diagram or if anyone has ideas of what these 5 wires are for shoot them over.

I searched & found something about the chassis relay having something to do with no headlights, maybe? lights fuse under driver seat looks good.

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