Just got my tusk 30″ light bar finally! Well I got it mounted, ran the wire threw the cage and looking pretty, but looks aint everything if I can’t get the damn thing to work LOL. Now there is a video on Youtube showing how this is hooked up. I call b.s on that video. I hooked up the positive terminal to the ACC post under the hood, then the negative (ground) just to the right of that to the ground post. I had power to the button, I turned on and off and heard the relay kicking on/off but my light wouldn’t come on. So I figured I had done something wrong somehow, so me being me I switched some wires around and now NOTHING. No power! I am not the right person for anything that involves wires or electronics by any means. I searched and search for a step by step of which bullet plugs go where and anything else to get this going, but come up very short. There seems to be 2 extra terminals as stragglers? WTH am I doing wrong.

Does someone have a how to with pics for the same setup?

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