Like the title says I had my polaris dealer install the regulator per recall. It would not start when unloading it off the trailer even after i charged the battery before i took it in. They said the solenoid was bad as well as the stator being grounded on 2 legs. I bought the parts myself off eBay and installed them. Stator replacement was very straight forward but once hooked up and running the system drops from 12.3 to 11.5? I’ve checked all connections and ground but can’t find anything loose. I tried testing the stator plug but im not sure I did it right. Can someone explain How to test the stator, what setting I put my Voltage meter on and if I just put the red pick on the first wire and ground pick on the 2nd wire, while running to determine voltage ? I am definitely not electrically inclined but I can usually fix things myself.

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