Ok, I ride where there are LOTS of puddles/water that can’t be avoided. between the gaping holes in the corners of the fenders, and water just generally running off the hood into all the many openings, seems unavoidable? The steam from the radiator getting splashed condensates under the hood and dash area and drips onto the amps. The dash is far from an ideal spot to be dry and it is very dusty, also. I’m constantly having to “dry” my rockford fosgate amps out? They get water in them and go haywire, the speakers squeal, the sub vibrates like crazy, gotta turn it off before it blows up! Luckily I’ve been able to remove them and let them air dry and they go on working fine, but how long can they last doing this?
Surely I’m not the only person that has this problem? Seems they could have made some kind of “box” to mount the amps in, or make the amps more water proof, instead of just water resistant? I made an aluminum cover to go over the top and somewhat protect the amps, and it helps a little, but still get wet and cause problems from time to time.

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