A group of use are staying at the super 8 in Grayling Michigan To ride the trails May 26th and 27th. We have a few local’s that will be meeting up with us and one of them will be leading the ride. If anyone would like to join us you are welcome to. We will be arriving at the super 8 around 5pm Friday May 25th and the group is going to meet up at the dead bear brewing co for dinner at 6pm or so. Saturday we will ride out of the parking lot of the super 8 to the trails and do a big loop of the area. This will be an all day ride and we will stop in a town for food and gas. Sunday will be another big trail loop and will also be a all day ride. Paul is from st Helens Michigan and he will be our leader. Michigan man (dan) is from the area also so we should be able to cover a’lot of real estate. We will also have a few gps’s with vv maping and a few polaris general’s that are the ride command edition. If you are up for two full days of riding chime in for more info. Thanks…..Mike


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