While there is unfortunately not going to be a rzrforum rally in TP this year. There will be a new rally happening August 22-26 2018 at the Taylor Park Trading Post and RV Park.

The name is the Taylor Park RZR Rally.

I plan on attending and continuing to enjoy one of the best places in the country to ride. While I will be there for the Rally I also stay through Labor Day weekend as this is my annual vacation time with my wife. I missed the first year of the previous event but have not missed one since. I plan on continuing the tradition and hope everyone will as well.

Facebook has a public page regarding this named “Taylor Park Rzr Rally” for anyone wishing to get updated info. I’m hoping to see everyone there for the next evolution in the TP experience for the Love of everything RZR and the outdoors.
While this is an evolution in the ride it will always be grounded in the respect and admiration of past rides bearing this forums name.

For the love of the ride.


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