Hey everyone, just another new guy here from Ohio. I’ve been lurking around the forums since I bought my 2011 xp 900 about a year ago and I figured it was time for me to join.

The Rzr: 2011 xp 900, picked it up about a year ago in Michigan with only 28 hours and 325 miles. It already had a few extras on it, such doors, bed box, exhaust, fuel controller, and intake.

Since I’ve had it, I’ve added new 14″ STI wheels and 28×10 ITP Blackwater tires, cooter brown roof, ssv works radio, and winch.

I’m really happy with it now, and it’s an absolute blast but I still have many more mods planned for the future!

I’ve attached a few pictures from the day I brought her home and what it looks like now.

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