Ok guys i know your gonna jump me but i have seached till im blue in the face and i cannot find an article.

I have a 2010 polaris rzr 800 with the mxc turbo setup. dynatek fs ignition and i believe it has a big borr kit.

Ok so here is whats going on, i was riding last night racing a 1000 across the flats did 3 hard passes and on the way back from the 3rd pass it just shut off like someone turned the key off. I went to restart and the batt was dead. I got a new battery this morning, went to fire it up and nothing. I checked spark…nothing. i unhooked the dynatek ignition and got spark back but it will not run. It spits and pops and sounds flooded. Pulled the plug, it was clean as a pin. Could it have jumped time? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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