Hello my name is Shawn I am from Southern California High Desert Area!!!!!
I have been around offroad most of my life, have always rode around in family and friends RZR’s, Dune Buggy, ETC. Finally picked up a 2018 RZR XP4 Turbo Dynamix. the only reason the wife let me buy it is because the dealership had advertised it for the wrong price $21,999 and was willing to honor the price. so i walked out with a scoring deal and some extra accessories. Can’t wait to actually get out and actually be able to join some fellow members in riding the trails around the U.S.

I have already added
Dragonfire Passthroughs all 4 seats
Dragonfire EVO Harnesses in front
Dragonfire H Harnesses in rear
Nelson Rigg Soft Top
RZR Door Bags
UTV Rear View Mirror
MTX Mudnation RZRpod65 Dash Speakers powerd by MBQuart NA2-400.2
Lower door inserts are custom cut diamond plate from spotswerth poor boy hobby out of phoenix, AZ

Thank You EVeryone hope to see you on the trails.

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