I’m new to the RZR but not ATVs in general. I recently bought a used 2012 RZR 900 XP. I think I got shafted on the deal since I took it out for a short test only to blow the belt and discover that the secondary clutch is pretty well destroyed. Looking at it and know how short my ride was I’m certain that this was a pre-existing condition. So now I’m getting smart on how to repair/replace it. I’ve ordered a few special tools to assist and since working on machines is nothing new to me I’ll be doing all the work myself. On the bright side, my 15 year old son is getting a lot of education on working on things and he’s enjoying it more than me since it isn’t hitting his wallet.
I’m currently in the California desert and will be here for several years, so most of my riding will be in the rocky mountainous desert. I welcome any advice on what to check over on this machine. I don’t want to run into more surprises.

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