I wanted to say hello to all of the people that love doing what I love! That is going out on my toy and having a blast riding trails, rock climbing in my RZR, riding the dunes, all of everyone here is all about!
My problem is this…. I bought a brand new 2017 XP4 Turbo because I have several friends with Polaris RZR’s. They are by far the most popular machine out, everywhere we go. The CanAm X3 catching fast! I had the chance to buy one when I bought my RZR at Stillwater Powersports in Stillwater OK.
It has been a nightmare every since! I followed the owners manual to a T in breaking it in. Did fine for the first 20 hours of break in. But the first time I took it out for fun, it was and has been the BIGGEST pile of $27,000 crap I have ever seen! The first time out was at Kaw Lake trails. It was designed for quads but has became a side by side attraction. I went out and broke my first axle…. Couldn’t believe it! I had been watching $400 four wheelers all day climb this tiny hill. Well… The first time I climbed it I broke an axle. So I limped into camp on 2 wheel drive. Bought a new axle and two weekends later went to Tuttle Creek in Manhattan KS. That weekend The machine kept going into limp mode. Losing all power and couldn’t even climb a hill on the highway to make it back to camp. Had to be towed. Started it back up and ran fine for about 2 hours until limp mode came back. This time I was climbing a hill in the trails. Well, needless to say, I didn’t make it up the hill and my group had to tow me back to camp. Took it to the shop the next week and said it was a misfire on a cylinder. Wait!!!! What????? A machine/engine/spark plugs/plug wire???? Whatever the case may be…. A misfire on a brand new engine with 22 hours on it????? WTF!!!!! That costs what they do???? WOW!!! I was blown away! but they said they fixed the problem. Drove around the yard for the next couple of weeks and seemed to do fine. Went to Disney OK a couple weeks later. My wife and I were about the only ones out there. Within the first two hours broke another axle climbing a small hill. Couldn’t have been more than 15 degrees. On the way back to camp went into limp mode again. Got back to camp and called around to PAY more money out of my pocket for an another axle. No one within 40 miles had one. So we drove three and a half hours to be there, so we decided to go for an EASy ride in two wheel drive. We went down to staircase from the dirt road to watch people climb staircase. On the way there went into limp mode again. By this time I had figured out that you could shut the machine off and it would reset. So that is what I did. We had a great time watching. But, when we decided to leave, we were climbing back up to the dirt road (tiny hill) we broke a rear axle.
I was ready to sell this thing. Sat in the camper the rest of thee weekend and hauled it home on Sunday. I should mention, that I drove my 2 wheel drive 1982 stock Chevy pickup down to staircase the following day and didn’t break an axle, go into limp mode, or have a slight problem… Made it there and back!
Anyway, took the MONEYPIT back home and decided to buy Rhino 2.0 axles. Saved the other two for spares.
My next trip. Keep in mind this is a BRAND NEW $27,000 MACHINE, we went to Waynoka OK (sand dunes) I went out on my first ride and everything was amazing!!! Only went into limp mode twice. Then on the second trip, we left the gate and going through the whoops! I broke a belt!!! Spent the next hour and a half to two hours cleaning all of the belt out of the clutches…. Are you kidding me!!!! I knew this when I bought it… But a BELT!!!! What where they (polaris) thinking. Lets put a belt in front of 180 hp….. What could go wrong???? No! I think they though $$$$$$ signs! Well I don’t think they thought too much about angry customers! Because at that time, I know they weren’t thinking about ME that bought their overpriced PILE OF CRAP!!!! Anyway, got all of the belt cleaned out and knowing how stupid the belt idea is, I had a spare! I installed the new belt. Started the machine and immediately went into limp mode. By this time I was BOILING!!!! Shut it off and it wouldn’t go into park. I was like WTF!!! Waited for about five minutes to clear the limp mode, then tried to put it back in park but the shifter wouldn’t budge. So I started it in L with my foot lightly on the brake and went and rode for about thirty minutes until limp mode popped up again. I had to shut it off for about five minutes to clear and lost my group. By this time I wished I had a stick of dynamite! Finally got it started again and headed to camp. Got back to camp to try to figure out why it wouldn’t go to park and figured out that blowing the belt WASTED the clutch! YAY!!!!
Like a big dummy! I figured out if I rocked the machine (pushing forward and back that I could get it to shift) to get it into park. Never forgetting that I paid almost for this thing as a new car or truck! So my group gets back to camp and talks me into going for another ride. This is still the day we got there for a three day weekend. So I said what the heck! Lets go! So my wife and I got in and off we went! Made it through the south gate, made it through the whoops this time, got out on the dunes and guess what happened the first dune we went up????? LIMP MODE!!!! For the next three and a half hours we were stuck on the side of this tiny compared to most dunes. I hope that this did damage to Polaris reputation. I was passed by 50cc four wheelers, climbing right up beside us. I could not rock the machine to get it in park to start it, I could not reverse back down. we were just stuck! Luckily I had bought a winch and found another CanAm with a winch. He had to get on the other side of the dune to winch pressure off of the transmission so I could get it into reverse and back down off of the dune. I went and sat at camp for the rest of the weekend. Not wanting to take a chance of that happening again.
By the way!!! I have had the machine since August 2017. I bought a 5 year extended warranty. So I am SAVED!!!! Guess what??? OH!!!! The extended warranty DOES NOT cover the CLUTCH!!! Or MISFIRES which causes limp mode!!!! Thank you Rider’s Advantage for taking my $2000 to cover nothing!!!
I know that everyone in this forum has RZR machines. I am just curious, is it just me? Or does everyone have these problems? I know that in this year that two of my friends bought RZR (not new like me) but both shelled their transmissions and the one that fixed his wasted their clutch. Does everyone agree that something needs to be done with their quality? I post this in this forum because knowing the damage it could cause to resale value. I just don’t get it! Is mine and my friends the only JUNK out there? or is it everyone?

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