Yup… I’m a newb. Name is Josh. I’m not old and I’m not young. Mostly been into street bikes, but not the loud obnoxious ones. Sporty and fast, but never rode like a jerk. Owned a few fast cars. Been riding quads in the dirt for the last 4 years and been off-road on the trails in a Jeep I owned for a few years. Well I’ve decided that I don’t heal quite as fast as I used to so I decided to buy a RZR.

Bought a 2015 RZR 900S. Havasu Red Pearl. Polaris Front/Rear bumpers, rock sliders and roof in red, light bar and Sadona wheels with Ripsaw tires. Haven’t gotten to take out yet, but will be this sunday and I can’t wait. I have a few friends with RZR’s and rode in a few and it was an absolute blast.

Any tips anyone can offer would be appreciated. Done some research on a few things, but no expert by any means. Thanks in advance!

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