I’ve been around off-road most of my life not much in racing besides with friends. Starting with a Baja bug built by me and a friend as my first car.

Served 14yrs in the Navy turning wrenches on planes. Now build Rocket Ships literally.

My body is to messed up to race off road so I watch and occasionally cheerlead.

My wife and I explore the desert in our RZR. We’re kicking around the Idea of running the upper part of the AZPT sometime and would like to ride with like minded people. (We can’t afford to break down so we go a little slower and enjoy the scenery)

We also volunteer for Warfighter Made as much as we can afford and that is much more rewarding than anything. Check them out at Warfightermade.org.

Known about RZR Forums for years just never signed up.

See our car here


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