Hey guys, new to the forum as well as the rzr world. I need some help. I recently purchased a used 2013 rzr 800 SLE. I was on an all day ride, stopped several times through out. Headed home, I was riding about a hour when it just shut off going up a hill. Coasted to the side and tried to crank it. Only to get a click. I trailered it up and headed home. Got home let it dry for the night and tried the next day. Still just a click. I have checked all my grounds. Purchased a new battery. Tested the starter relay solenoid. I can not figure this out! I tested the brake safety switch it works. I turn the key and can hear the fuel pump cycle cluster panel comes on all lights work. Turn the key. Just clicks. I half feel it maybe the starter at this point. The hot cable between the solenoid and the starter gets warmer than I feel it should. Once again this is the first rzr I have owned. I have checked all fuses.
New battery-good fuses-good solenoid-good grounds.
I’m out of ideas!! It is completely torn down in my garage. Any ideas???
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