Hello guys I finally got one glad I bought lots of fun. I intended on buying a new 900 because I only seen stocks pics on the dealers site,but I when I got to the to dealership in person and seen the best one they had on hand, so I changed my mind right away has the MB Quart extreme audio pods but didn’t work when I got home no idea what’s up with it should’ve checked it out at the dealership first but was way too excited to get it home and the belt started slipping after 70 miles and trying to go to different riding spots on the highway soon as I go steady 45 CEL comes on no power have to pull over shut it off and start it back up but still didn’t have enough fun yet to take it back don’t know how long it’ll be there but I probably should’ve posted the problems in a different spot but it’s on my mind any help much appreciated guys and sorry for the super long post

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