What is going on Rzr Forum? New guy checking in from Ga.

I just purchased my first Rzr about a week ago. Picked up a 2017 rzr 900 trail. Ended up trading in my ’17 Rancher 420 in on it. So far I love it. The price for modifications did not surprise me because I grew up riding/racing quads. I jumped ship from the quad scene to bikes when I moved to GA 5 years ago since most of the tracks don’t allow quads on them. Well, just recently a few of the local tracks have closed down leaving very few places near by to ride so I decided to come back to four wheels in the form of a Rzr.

I love it so far. Bought it stock and already have put some 29.5x9x14 Anarchy’s on Polaris wheels. I have a 2″ bracket lift and a snorkel kit coming for it. I was planning on getting wheel spacers but figured I would just put that cash towards a SATV S conversion.

Ill mostly just be lurking around the forums getting inform and looking for questions that I have.

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