Whats up rzr forum. I just joined the rzr ownership club with my new (to me) 2011 800 S. I have had it for a couple of months now and have had a blast with it. I have been lurking around as a non-member since I got it, and this forum has been a valuable resource since then as well. I am an avid member of other forums, primarily gun forums, so this isnt my first rodeo. I figured I would start out with an introduction. I live in the Chattanooga area of TN and enjoy many of our trails this part of the state has to offer. I like to shoot stuff, play golf, drink beer, and of course ride my rzr, not in that order. Anyways thanks for having me and I look forward to hanging around and learning a lot about my new ride, starting with some help diagnosing an awd issue. Off to find the right forum. Thanks.

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