Hey all, not really new here as I have been lurking for a while now, but finally signed up. We mostly visit Glamis as well as Ocotillo. I recently purchased a 2015 900 S. Totally stock when I bought it. The only mods done so far are PRP seats and 4.3 Harness’ but we have big plans until we run out of money. Currently looking into exhaust, reclutching, ECU programming, Cage, Doors, Long Travel kit, Wheels/sand paddles. Any advice or recommendations are greatly welcomed. Currently looking at toys for big boys for cage, SDR for doors, Aftermarket Assassin’s for clutch/programming, Trinity exhaust (full,) Super ATV long travel kit, and undecided on wheels but i think paddles i’m looking at EFX Sand Slinger. Anyway looking forward to this season coming up. And oh yeah, Also need to pick up a toyhauler and a truck to pull it. haha.

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