Hey everyone!

Just introducing myself. Just picked up a 2013 Polaris Rzr XP900 with 1000km (600 miles) and 35 hours on it for a smokin’ deal. Already loving and stoked to add a few things to it to really make it mine.

I live in Abbotsford, BC and there’s almost endless trails in this province to go play on so I’m really looking forward to getting out and exploring. My family also does a big trip with around 40-50 people and a ton of machines down to the Oregon Sand Dunes (typically North Bend) every May so I’ll be looking forward to trying it out down there as well.

Here’s a few pictures picking it up and trying it out last weekend.

A few things I plan to add to it:

  • Pro Armor Half Doors
  • Side View Mirrors
  • 30″- 40″ roof mounted light bar
  • 12″ grille mounted light bar
  • Either a half or full cargo box to put the essentials in

Really looking forward to checking out all the good information on this forum and learning more things about maintenance, mods, etc.

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